Join the Grit Team

Thank you for your interest in the GRIT program. Recruitment for the peer coach position is closed for the 2017-2018 academic year.  Peer coach recruitment for the following academic year (2018-2019) will open at the beginning of winter quarter, 2018. 

About Peer Coaching

The peer coaching is a fantastic opportunity if you enjoy helping others, and want to develop leadership, social, administrative and personal skills. This opportunity is often of interest to students who are interested in psychology, social work, education, medicine, nursing, business, and human services. Students from all majors are encouraged to apply. Recruitment and selection of peer coaches for the following academic year takes place during winter quarter, with mandatory training during spring quarter (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4-6pm). 

If you would like to be notified when the recruitment opens, please join our mailing list, and we will contact you. 


What Do I Gain as a Coach?

The coach position offers many great benefits. Coaches receive a 50-hour+ training over 9 weeks. The skills learned here are transferable to a wide array of professional opportunities, preparing you for leadership, accountability, and excellent relational skills. During the training, peer coaches learn how to manage stress and develop several life skills that help to successfully pursue academic and personal goals. Training topics include: 

  • Stress management
  • Emotional and psychological wellness 
  • Resilience building
  • Meditation 
  • Financial planning and management 
  • Time Management 
  • Healthy communication and how to maintain healthy relationships 


In addition, with this paid, service opportunity you will learn about the many resources and opportunities that UCLA has to offer student including UCLA Career Services, Financial Crisis Response Team, ASHE Health and Wellness Center, UCLA Legal Services and much more. 


"My experience of being a GRIT coach has been nothing but amazing.  The most valuable thing from my training was learning how to cope and deal with stress in the right way.  As a coach, the most valuable thing to me would be providing a safe listening space for all my coachees and directing them to resources they may need."
-Genna, GRIT Coach 2014-15. 

"Through the Bruin Coach Program, I have developed crucial communication skills and strengthened my stress management strategies. Coaching, specifically has shown me how much our support and concern can mean to each student we see."
-Sanaa, GRIT Coach 2014-16.