About GRIT

Welcome to UCLA’s GRIT Peer Coaching Program!

The GRIT Peer Coaching program is committed to the development and well-being of the whole student. GRIT stands for guidance, resilience, integrity and transformation.  In this program, UCLA students receive individualized support from trained peer coaches, with the aims of enhancing overall well-being and improving academic and personal success by utilizing various strategies for empowerment.  Topic areas that peer coaches focus on during their one-on-one sessions with students include stress management and mindfulness, fostering positive social connections, goal setting, academic skills enrichment and navigating campus resources. 

During their interactive sessions, peer coaches provide students: 

  • an empathetic listening space 
  • a process for identifying student needs and next steps 
  • applicable life skills and strategies to meet identified goals 
  • campus resources and referrals 

What We Offer: Program Opportunities & Services 

The GRIT program offers a variety of opportunities for all UCLA students, including: 

Weekly Peer Coaching Sessions: Students interested in having a peer coach can apply to the program to receive weekly one-on-one sessions for one academic quarter. Students will receive support and the opportunity to problem solve concerns that s/he may have. Participation outcomes for the student can include improved well-being, connection to the larger campus community, improved ability to manage stress, and enhanced academic performance. View our outcomes data to learn what students reported! 

Wellness Education: Through the coaching program, students will learn valuable life skills and wellness strategies that can be applied to student life and beyond.  The GRIT program also collaborates with campus experts to offer students wellness workshops and trainings, as well as an educational e-newsletter with coaching tips and other resources. Click here for GRIT Newsletters.

Paid Internships & Professional Development: UCLA Students can apply to become a peer coach or administrator for this program.  Positions are paid appointments for one academic year. If you are interested in applying for a job as a peer coach or administrative assistant for this program, click here.

Leadership Skills Training & Development: Peer coaches receive one academic quarter of intensive training to prepare them for their role.  Skills learned are transferable to workplace environments and many other contexts. Training topics include stress management, mindfulness, healthy communication, effective listening, and how to identify needs and develop strategies to meet related goals. In addition, coaches attend trainings offered by campus partners including the Counseling and Psychological Services Center, UCLA Career Center, and the Financial Wellness program.

The GRIT Peer Coaching Program is housed in the Bruin Resource Center, which provides specialized support programs for six student identity groups on campus including: Veterans and Active Military, Transfer Students, Undocumented Students, Students with Dependents, Students in Recovery, and Current/Former Foster Youth.  Our program aims to support these populations in particular, while making services available to all UCLA students at the same time. Students from the above mentioned groups are especially encouraged to apply to receive coaching or to become a coach!

"The GRIT Coaching program has been an amazing part of my UCLA experience. The training provided me the skills and awareness of what it means to be the “coach” of my own life and of lives around me. Coaching others is a humbling experience that has allowed me to connect with a diverse range of students I may not have encountered otherwise. It’s amazing to watch someone learn and grow and realize that you are a part of their process!"
- Danielle, GRIT Coach 2014-15